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Words, Pictures, You (*Empowering Art Series)

We’re all familiar with the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Today, in an age predicated on technology and social media, this may be more true than ever. We are witness to thousands of images everyday -- many of which are advertisements, some of which are pictures posted by “friends” on a variety… Continue reading Words, Pictures, You (*Empowering Art Series)

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Seeing Sound (*Empowering Art Series)

Have you ever smelled something that instantly brought you back to a particular memory? Do you associate a day of the week with a color, or a feel? If so, you’re at least loosely familiar with synesthesia --  a term derived from the Greek words “together” and “sensation” (syn and aisthesis). Psychologists understand synesthesia as… Continue reading Seeing Sound (*Empowering Art Series)


A Wedding and an Anniversary (two very different pictures)

Yesterday was my 6-year wedding anniversary. We got married on 10-10-10, on a gorgeous autumn Sunday in Woodstock, NY. Our ceremony was outdoors, overlooking the woods behind the house where T spent his childhood. It was one of those magical climates, warm and sunny for October -- especially since the days immediately preceding were wet,… Continue reading A Wedding and an Anniversary (two very different pictures)