So, one of my gigs on the side of mommyhood is writing for a local newspaper. I pen a monthly artist column, featuring artists in the mountains and foothills outside of Albuquerque, NM. I really enjoy meeting artists (and am constantly amazed at the per capita rate of talented creators in this part of the country — it’s a true artistic Mecca) and my articles have proven to be more fun (and to the point) to write than a 300+ page dissertation (more on that elsewhere…). If you’re interested in reading up on some of these contemporary art-makers, I’ve linked my pieces here.

Fiber artist Sylvia Warner

Mixed Media Artist Jim Holley

Painter Michael Andryc

Painter Katherine Irish

Divinely-inspired painter Karuna Karam

Art in the Schools

Writer Mary Carter (A non-swimmer considers her Mikvah)

Art on the Range

Filmmaker Jerry Ballew

 Painter Reid Bandeen

Painter Amy Hautman Bates

Painter Elizabeth Bogard

Painter Barbara Clark

Quilter Rod Daniel

Photographer Amy Ditto

Artist and Author Vangie and Bill Dunmire

Sculptor Stephen Feher

Painter and Photographer Joan Fenicle

Quilter Jo Anne Fredrikson

Potter and Collector Bill Freeman

The Etched Spaces of Gail Gering

The Performative Poetry of Larry Goodell

The Scrap Sculpture of Sal Gullo

Wild Horses, Photography by Clea G. Hall

The Paintings of Joan Helluist

Painter Sage Hagen

Printmaker Kobe Jane

Magical Surrealist Jade Leyva

Author Norma Libman

Colored Pencilist Charron McFadden

Painter Lavon Maestas

Surrealist Photography Marie Maher

Jeweler June Malone

Mosaic New Mexico

Painter Daniel North

Still Life Painter Tim Perkins

Fusionist Painter Linda Heath

Potters Karl and Mary Hoffman

Printmaker Evey Jones

Art with a Heart: Yvonne Korotky

Paper Artist Elzbieta Kaleta

Artist and Teacher Julianna Kirwin

Metal Artist Zoe Patterson

Pieces of the Whole: Connectivity by Way of Mosaics

Ceramicist Michael Prokos

Painter Katherine Wilson

Painter Laura Telander

Woodworker Dennie York

Jewelry Artist Geri Verble

Painter Kandy Tate

Remembering Steve Spaulding, Artist

Celtic Connections: Lorna Smith

The Jewels of a Farmer: Molly Mendenhall