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Doughing It Holiday Style My last post, about holiday craft ideas for preschoolers, encouraged me to continue on with our Christm-artsy ways. R holds a deep yet giddy love for any kind of dough (I'm pretty sure she shares this affection with most 4-year-olds), and we hadn't yet gotten our hands sticky with salty goo this year. She wanted to… Continue reading Doughing It Holiday Style

Crafting · preschool

Merry Christmukkah! 

This morning on our (late and somewhat frenzied) drive to school, we had this conversation: R: “We celebrate both Christmas and Chanukkah because we’re Jewiss.”  Me: “That’s exactly right, honey.”  R: “If we weren’t Jewiss we’d just celebrate Chanukkah.”  Me: “No honey, it’s because we’re Jewish that we celebrate Chanukkah. If you’re not Jewish, you… Continue reading Merry Christmukkah!