Hi there! More than any other moniker, MOM is who I am right now. I’m also an art historian, wife, teacher of art history, writer and sometimes crafter. I do lots of projects with my preschooler — while her baby sister toddles around in paint and glue, squealing and screaming with a glee spawned from sensory exploration. Hoping to inspire through art and teach little ones about the relationship between art and the human experience. I also write about my very normal, but nevertheless crazy, day-to-day life with my littles. I usually write on my phone while wearing a sleeping baby, trying to find mental quietude and connection within the repetition and chaos of mommyhood. We started with a YouTube channel — born out of my daughter’s love for watching OTHER kids make things and play with toys (seemed like a good opportunity to teach about active participation vs spectatorship, ha!). Visit us there at Raya’s World Arts & Crafts.