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Mondrian for Kids

If you've been following my preschool art series, you probably know by now that I have a thing for tape resist methods. Kids love the whole peel-and-reveal situation, and tape resist allows for creativity without much restraint, while still producing semi-controlled and/or geometric works. So, for our final class this year, we revisited our beloved… Continue reading Mondrian for Kids

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Pointillism with Preschoolers: Fall Trees

When teaching Pointillism within the canon of Art History, it's common practice to focus on this painting: When I taught Post-Impressionism to college students, indeed, the Seurat painting above was discussed in depth -- as was color theory and the science behind it. But for my active preschoolers, who value doing more than looking, Pointillism… Continue reading Pointillism with Preschoolers: Fall Trees

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Preschool Art Class: Printmaking Basics and a Dash of Dale Chihuly

Since the preschool stained glass project was a huge success, I delved a bit deeper into the world of glass art by introducing my tiny students to Dale Chihuly. We mimicked his popular “Maccia” series, using white coffee filters, washable markers and heavy spray starch. We simply used markers to make designs on the coffee… Continue reading Preschool Art Class: Printmaking Basics and a Dash of Dale Chihuly