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Mondrian for Kids

If you've been following my preschool art series, you probably know by now that I have a thing for tape resist methods. Kids love the whole peel-and-reveal situation, and tape resist allows for creativity without much restraint, while still producing semi-controlled and/or geometric works. So, for our final class this year, we revisited our beloved… Continue reading Mondrian for Kids

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Geometric Painting for Kids

Miss R, my loyal tester for all projects that reach my preschool art class, experimented with a wonderful painting project yesterday. We made a large-scale geometric painting comprised of many squares in various colors.  First, we composed a tape grid on poster board (making squares out of lots of horizontal and vertical lines of painter's… Continue reading Geometric Painting for Kids

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Preschool Fine Art Series: Paper Marbling & Scrape Painting

  This week's preschool art lesson was dominated by a delightfully sensory Process Art project: creating incredibly gorgeous marbled paper via the tried and true shaving cream + food coloring printing technique. See this post and this post for a complete tutorial, but here's the gist: add food coloring to shaving cream, swirl it around to… Continue reading Preschool Fine Art Series: Paper Marbling & Scrape Painting