Passover Interrupted 

I'm currently sitting in K's crib -- alongside a red, puffy and screeching baby -- taking a few bites of the Passover supper that R and Mr. T just delivered to me. Poor K is utterly and completely inconsolable. Our impromptu Pesach (Passover) Seder generated a flailing baby throwing food and water all over our… Continue reading Passover Interrupted 

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My Must-Know-How-To List 

Parenting is TOUGH. Some days I'm not sure what's harder -- staying awake and energized enough to foster a safe and generally happy environment, or attempting to seize every teachable moment to ensure that my kids are equipped to be decent humans. And then there are those skills that you never knew you needed to… Continue reading My Must-Know-How-To List 

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Disney on Ice Surprise (and Review)

So, we gifted miss R with a surprise outing to see Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure. Her behavior has, delightfully, been on the upswing since the 4-nager sh*t storm she produced a couple weeks ago. Since we like to be fun parents and are getting super pumped for our winter Disney World extravaganza, we… Continue reading Disney on Ice Surprise (and Review)