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DIY Princess Glitter Globes 

Dare I say that I think our home is finally purged of stomach buggies? It's been one rough week since our return from NY. After K began mending, I took her place as the sick-pukey-cranky baby-mommy. Thanks to some care taking from my own mommy, I rested and recovered, only to pass the monster onto… Continue reading DIY Princess Glitter Globes 

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Disney World for 9, please

So, we were the crazy family who braved Disney World during New Years. Absolutely, it would have been better to do Disney during the so-called off season (I hear this is October and fall in general), but like many families, ours comes together from multiple states and two countries during the holidays. I know there are… Continue reading Disney World for 9, please

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Disney on Ice Surprise (and Review)

So, we gifted miss R with a surprise outing to see Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure. Her behavior has, delightfully, been on the upswing since the 4-nager sh*t storm she produced a couple weeks ago. Since we like to be fun parents and are getting super pumped for our winter Disney World extravaganza, we… Continue reading Disney on Ice Surprise (and Review)