It’s Rewarding, Being Awarded

Back in my school days (which I guess technically ended less than one year ago!!), I cared deeply about recognition. I loved getting the Headmaster's Award in Middle and High School and was thrilled to snag scholarships in college. Everyone can agree that it's just nice to be noticed, and my mom always instilled in… Continue reading It’s Rewarding, Being Awarded

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A Kinetic Cupcakery

After a heat-induced mini tantrum on the way home from school (it's truly almost too hot to handle, and we're not even in the technical throws of summer yet), R needed some zone out time inside. Thank goodness the house was indeed cool because it kept me from losing mine (my cool -- haha) while K… Continue reading A Kinetic Cupcakery


An inaugural call to poison control 

I made it through exactly five years of parenting without one call to poison control. Bare in mind that my half decade of abstinence has no correlation to the amount of times my children have been in contact with potentially perilous substances -- I guess I just always intervened quickly enough and generally hate making… Continue reading An inaugural call to poison control