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My Must-Know-How-To List 

Parenting is TOUGH. Some days I'm not sure what's harder -- staying awake and energized enough to foster a safe and generally happy environment, or attempting to seize every teachable moment to ensure that my kids are equipped to be decent humans. And then there are those skills that you never knew you needed to… Continue reading My Must-Know-How-To List 

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DIY confetti tray (because I’m so ***😔**😩 tired)

I'll get to the confetti thing in a sec, but I have to include a preamble that sums up my day. Feel free to scroll on down if you're not in the mood for self-indulgent sleep-writing. This whole transition from mommy of one to mommy of two has been, more than anything else (except an… Continue reading DIY confetti tray (because I’m so ***😔**😩 tired)