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Autumn Crafts (It’s Fall now, right?)

Our daytime highs are still hitting 80+ degrees, but the calendar says it’s Fall (and so do all consumer hotspots teeming with pumpkin aromas and expensive cotton masked as spiderwebs). I’m a sucker for everything in Target’s dollar spot and I get pretty excited when there’s a new array of seasonally appropriate cheapies. So when I saw $1 felt cutouts in the shape of kittens, I snagged them, trusting that R would like the assortment of colors and brainstorm something fun. She didn’t disappoint. The felt kittens were decorated with lots of glitter, washi tape, old ribbons, fabric paint and googly eyes. They became a fall garland that is now (much to the chagrin of my husband) hanging atop our sliding doors. This small activity did get us into the spirit of Autumn (now we have to design Raya’s ghost princess costume) — and in our defense, the mornings here are crisping up. 

If you want to see our family in action, having some really simple crafting fun, watch here! And tell me, what are you spending money on so your kids can pretend it’s already Halloween?? 


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