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Who doesn’t love a grab bag?

A few weeks ago at Michael’s Arts & Crafts (I’ve been spending waaay to much time there since it’s so close to R’s school), I spied $2 blind bags filled with random goodies from the store. I think they were transitioning from summer to fall and retiring a few collections (Alphabet Soup, for example). Since most kids these days are into anything surprise and “blind” — is it just me, or do blind bags for seemingly every contemporary animated show and movie greet you in the kids section of every store? — Raya was thrilled to hear that she could rip the bag and unveil hidden items. We were greeted with lots of things from the $1-3 section (but like 20 $2 things for $2 total is a d**n good deal), like letter stamps, confetti, several notecard sets, design-y clothespins and decorative display letters. All in all, it was a steal! Here’s a short video documenting our cheap finds. 


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