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A Day of Cloudy Heads and 3-Ingredient Fluff Slime

The best slime every time only three ingredients artymommy.comScroll down for sliminess, because I first need to exhale. Today was a day! Just one of those days where I felt like my head was clouded and I found everything annoying — like stomach tightening, blood boiling annoying. I’m usually an upbeat, fast-paced and positive person, so my tolerance for my own orneriness is pretty low. But today was a day that followed an evening of very little sleep due to a fussy and whiny and gassy baby. And a morning that began with that baby’s poop all over sheets, toys and self. And a gross discovery of cat puke swarming with ants. I was cranky and done by about 8:30am. I yelled at the cat, at the various objects that kept falling from my hands as I attempted to get us prepared to leave the home and engage with the outside world, and at the ticking clock reminding me of how late we were to school. As soon as I got into the car, I picked up my phone to send a venting text with implied resentment to Mr. T. But at that instant, I received a text from a dear friend about real, meaningful and exciting stuff happening in her life — and that message allowed me to put it all in perspective, at least for a couple hours. The afternoon still included me leaving my several bags of Target merchandise at the checkout counter as I clumsily pushed a cart devoid of purchases and filled with kids into the parking lot. Somehow, we retrieved our stuff, made it all the way home, through dinner and into bedtime routine. I’m hoping that the next hour brings me closer to an ice cream bar and a couple episodes of my newest Netflix series. But this post was supposed to be about slime, so I’ll pause my mommyhood rambles and head onward into stickiness. Fluff slime pink with shaving cream no boraxOk, ok. So I know I said I would be scaling back my slime-factory hours, but when little miss R demanded a shaving cream-slime project, I obliged. She just gets so wide-eyed with excitement when she gets to play slime scientist. I proudly stuck to my guns and nixed Borax, embracing our household contact solution instead. By the way, we’re soon going to have to purchase contact solution for the sole purpose of slime-making because Mr. T is finally going through with corrective eye surgery! One month until he bids farewell to contacts forever!

Now, in order for contact solution to act as a powerful binder and slime activator alongside glue, it needs to be the type with boric acid — which sounds a whole lot like Borax, so I wouldn’t call this project non-toxic. But it’s a two-second and three-ingredient recipe, and therefore I fully sanction it for any kiddo who has made it past the hands-in-mouth phase. Please, no further calls to Poison Control! This concoction was a total hit in our home during a snowy spring Saturday — wherein we contended with 20+ degree weather following weeks of blissful sunshine — and we’ve made it a handful of times since. 


  • Contact solution with boric acid (4+ tbsp)
  • Shaving cream (around 2 cups)
  • Glue (4 oz bottle)


  • food coloring (a few drops)

Now, we went at this experiment style, eye-balling everything and measuring nothing. But if you want exact measurements, look above for reference.

  1. R began by pouring about half of a 4 oz glue container into a bowl (a bowl that lives far from our kitchen and is reserved exclusively for art and science projects).
  2. She then gleefully squirted shaving cream atop the glue and mixed with a plastic knife. Our substance was satisfactory right away, not too runny and just fluffy enough. But if it seems like you’re top heavy on one ingredient, even it out. If the mixture looks too stringy, add a bit more cream. 
  3.  She then added a few drops of food coloring,
  4. and multiple squirts of contact solution and stirred away.
  5. We continued to add drops of contact solution until the mixture was cohesive and adequately slimey. If the slime is really sticky, you need more.

As you can see, we’ve made several batches using different colors.  We didn’t spend more than five minutes perfecting our magic fluff slime, so this activity is not time consuming for the overseeing adult. R, however, played with the fluff for quite a while, stretching it out, squishing it up, and generally experimenting with her self-made sensory product. Purple fluff slime made with shaving cream, glue and contact solution
*note: this slime does have a tendency to stick to our hands, so keep it away from valuable surfaces. It wipes clean off hard floors and tables, but I’d distance any nice fabrics. If you play with it a second or third time — after keeping it sealed in an airtight container or bag — and find it to be super sticky, just add more contact solution. We keep it for around 4 days before chucking it. 


9 thoughts on “A Day of Cloudy Heads and 3-Ingredient Fluff Slime

  1. Love it. I used to make a great fun mixture using white glue and liquid starch. Just play with it like you did for proportions. Color it and stir it up. It makes a fun bouncy ball product. Bounces really high too.


    1. Yes! I need to get some liquid starch. It’s been on my list for quite a while. I always use corn starch, which works well but is super duper messy and hard to clean. I’ll surely write about that experiment when it comes to be!


  2. What a morning!!! I think you held it together well … I would’ve flipped out! Poor (sick?) kiddo, too. And leaving the bags at Target, yikes… 😦 Once I left my purse in a cart in the outdoor cart corral at Buy Buy Baby. Thank goodness they found it 20min later when I returned!!!

    Cool slime! I assume the solution with boric acid is the stuff that is left overnight to fizz? My SIL uses that, but we just have the daily use stuff on hand; I will check the label!


    1. Ugh, third morning in a row now I’ve woken up to that particular bodily fluid all over 😂😂. Thanks for your compassion! I’m not sure which kind has boric acid — I snagged some at target months ago and put it in the general stash. The daily use may have boric acid too… could always try!! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend — wherever you are 😘.


  3. We had such a problem with this sticking to our hands. What we could get off we put in zipping bags to just squish. He wasn’t impressed with it in the bag. Thanks anyway.

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    1. Sorry to hear that. We’ve made this many times and have definitely dealt with some stickiness. The trick for us is adding contact solution to our hands (I squirt some on my daughter’s slimy hands) and then rubbing them together to get the slime to form and de-stick. Depending on the batch, sometimes we do this each time we play with it (if it’s been sealed for a few days it needs some kneading with the solution).


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