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Tasting Painting: Edible Art

Edible finger paint safe tactile play artymommy.comAll signs are pointing to baby K following the path of her big sis as a petite artiste. She demands (in no uncertain way) to be a part of every activity we do. But when we’re dealing with slime-making supplies or other less-than-taste-friendly materials, it’s a constant struggle to grab toxic items from her tiny and swift hands. Please, I’d like to space my calls to poison control if at all possible. Just yesterday, while miss R and I worked on a project involving sharpies, chalk markers and rubbing alcohol, I dashed to K’s rescue more than once as she attempted (and began) to drink the cup of paint water and stuff multiple alcohol-filled droppers down her romper.

So, every once in a while, it’s only fair that we scale back on potentially perilous crafts in favor of baby-friendly fun. Luckily, our taste-safe finger painting recipe was a huge hit with both girls. Messy? Quite. But that’s an integral part of of child- and toddlerhood! And I’m pleased to report that all debris washed clean off clothing and surfaces.

Our Recipe 

  • Thick yogurt (we used a lowfat vanilla from Trader Joe’s and it worked fine)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Food coloring
  • Small cups
  • 1/4 pack of gelatin (this is an optional, but recommended ingredient. The gelatin helps thicken the paint)
  1. In small cups (we used baby food containers and empty yogurt cups), spoon in the yogurt. We used about 2 tbsp per cup.
  2. Top off the yogurt with a modest squirt of whipped cream. 
  3. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp (or less) of gelatin on top of the whipped cream.
  4. Add different colors of food coloring to each cup so you have an array of paint colors. Edible finger paint with yogurt, whipped cream and gelatin

The girls LOVED that they could taste this. They didn’t mind the flavor, but they didn’t want to eat it all up, either, which was a win-win. Miss R showed baby K what to do with their homemade materials, and soon baby K was hand and finger-printing her way around the paper, yard and flagstone. Edible finger paint tactile art for babiesMiss R’s feet became a favorite stamp, and even our planters got an nice makeover.

Baby K spilled the girls’ strawberry milk in the process, and found that spilled milk is truly nothing to cry about; she embraced it as yet another unexpected coloring opportunity. Their painting on paper turned out beautifully as well, but I snapped a few pictures and tossed it when we were done playing (you never know what wild animals might be looking for colorful snacks around here). 

We’ll be developing more and more baby-safe art activities in preparation for a baby “class” I’ll be leading at R’s old preschool this fall. So, please, share your ideas if you’ve got ’em! My girls eagerly await their next artfully messy activity!


3 thoughts on “Tasting Painting: Edible Art

  1. Your recipe appears to be more “paint-like,” but I’ve done the same thing before with just vanilla pudding + food coloring. Yummy fun!

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