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Watercolor Painting with Color Wonder Markers — WOW! 

Yesterday I mentioned that we’re on a liquid watercolor kick over here at chez R. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite projects in the next few days, and here’s one you may not have seen before (I’d never heard of or thought of it until we tried it): Watercolor Resist Painting using Color Wonder Markers

This activity was born with baby K, who adores almost nothing more than decorating her body with paint and markers. I encourage messy and creative play, but I also nudge (beg) her to play with her mess-free Crayola Color Wonder markers on the designated Color Wonder paper. But for baby K, something with no potential for mess is something she cares little about. I understand — those markers are nowhere near as exciting as big sister’s copious collection of washable, broad and thin tip “real” markers, which baby K finds and uncaps no matter how out-of-reach I think I’ve placed them. Funnily enough, it’s miss R who is fond of the Color Wonder markers — she’s delighted but the fact that she can “draw” all over her body and our home without being yelled at. Last week when she was using a Color Wonder marker to doodle an invisible picture on a piece of regular lined paper, I noticed that the marker left behind a very faint design — almost undetectable in certain lighting against the white background. I wondered what would happen if we applied a wash of liquid watercolor. It seemed that the marker line would act as a barrier, protecting the paper underneath it from being painted. R and I were quick to experiment, and we were excited by the outcome. The marker reacted to the paint just as a white crayon or glue would. Its lines were lightly painted, but largely resisted the watercolor, so the marker design was illuminated alongside the vibrant colors. Resist painting with color wonder markers and watercolors! This project couldn’t be easier, and the results are just beautiful! Plus, the supply list is short (all you need is watercolor or white paper, liquid or cake watercolors, Color Wonder markers and a brush) and you can finally put all those Color Wonder markers to good use! 

Got any other Color Wonder hacks to share? Have a creative day! 


8 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting with Color Wonder Markers — WOW! 

  1. Totally love this idea… never would have thought of it. Also I’m loving the whole concept of your blog and am so glad I found you! My blog is pretty new, but I think we’re on the same page with regards to sharing and cultivating creativity among little ones. Looking forward to hopefully picking up (and sharing) many idea in the future!

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