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DIY Edible Play Dough with Marshmallows

​Miss R loves all things clay and all things sweet, so this activity was an obvious hit. We've tried lots of play dough and slime recipes and this dough was in between the two materials. The marshmallows lent a sort of fondant quality to the dough -- which hardened after a few hours, so keep… Continue reading DIY Edible Play Dough with Marshmallows

Crafting · preschool

Shopkins Bath (galaxy Goo)

We made Galaxy goo (which Raya turns into a bath for her Shopkins)! What is it about kids and slime?? I'd about had it with our Borox experiments (mostly because of the whole hands-in-everything situation), so I scoured the Internet for other options. I have to say, Borox gets the job done (maybe best), so… Continue reading Shopkins Bath (galaxy Goo)