Crafting · preschool

Shopkins Bath (galaxy Goo)

We made Galaxy goo (which Raya turns into a bath for her Shopkins)! What is it about kids and slime?? I’d about had it with our Borox experiments (mostly because of the whole hands-in-everything situation), so I scoured the Internet for other options. I have to say, Borox gets the job done (maybe best), so we’ll be returning to it at some point, but this recipe is SIMPLE and smells good and no real caution is required! It only calls for shampoo, salt and food coloring (optional). Just mix together, adding new salt slowly and in small amounts, and then refrigerate for 10 minutes. It’s super slick, but a slime akin to Jupiter Juice — perfect to submerge your Shopkins and other toys into :). I think Raya has spent one too many hours watching other kids play with Shopkins, et. al on YouTube so pretty much everything we make becomes an opportunity to get into character and give voices to our toys. Watch!


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