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A Kinetic Cupcakery

After a heat-induced mini tantrum on the way home from school (it's truly almost too hot to handle, and we're not even in the technical throws of summer yet), R needed some zone out time inside. Thank goodness the house was indeed cool because it kept me from losing mine (my cool -- haha) while K… Continue reading A Kinetic Cupcakery

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Lavender Chill-Out Play Doh

My, oh my! It's been a minute since I last posted, right? I blame it on Hawaii. Much like Moana, I am called by the water -- and I might not be totally readjusted to desert life yet. Hawaii, as always, was pure magic. I'll try to share our adventures soon -- including my now… Continue reading Lavender Chill-Out Play Doh

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Slip N’ Slime: No Borax Slime Recipe

Scroll down just a bit for some EVER-GREEN and slimy content because I will first be breaking a cardinal blogging rule. Yep, I'm going to discuss my ephemeral present before sharing this awesome and always relevant recipe.  This post is being composed as I fly over the crystal blue waters of the majestic Pacific. We just waved… Continue reading Slip N’ Slime: No Borax Slime Recipe