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Slip N’ Slime: No Borax Slime Recipe

I’m flying over the crystal blue waters of the majestic Pacific. We just waved bye to the mainland as we passed over Southern California, and for the next 5 hours all we’ll see is this: I can almost hear Moana belting out How Far I’ll Go. I’m pretty anxious about 5 more hours in a cramped compartment with two kids and an embarrassing amount of snacks, toys, electronics, clothes, books and just STUFF. But, at this very moment, K is conked out in the Ergo (it’s times like these when her on-body sleep requirements actually work to our advantage) and R is sitting in her Mimi’s lap completing a word finder in a Dora activity book. There are colored pencils everywhere I look and I’m stepping and sitting on shoes, water bottles, crayons, three stuffed animals and animal crackers. When K first closed her eyes about 30 minutes ago, I tried to follow suit and nestled into the lovely plastic seat back. But it’s pretty impossible to approach comfort and I’m so very deprived of me time that all those minutes were spent contemplating how I should spend those minutes. Oy! So, I decided to grab my phone and spend this flash of me time with you. I’ve been wanting to share a magical slime project anyhow. No borax slime using contact solution Oh yeah, we’re en route to Hawaii!!! Yippee! When I finally have service to post this, I’ll be one happy and undoubtedly drained mama. 

Okiedokie. On to the the gooey and slippery world of slime. All kids love it — at least all those that I’m acquainted with. R and I have tried our fair share of recipes over the years, usually turning to glue and borax (we also love a simple fairy dough comprised of conditioner and corn starch). But we’re not great at following precise directions, so our slime is more often glob/goop. I searched far and wide within the Pinter-nets to find a Borax-free and slightly more successful recipe. Side note: K awoke here to scream shrilly and refuse her piece that I repeatedly tried to shove in her mouth as I desperately bounced up and down in my seat and on my knees, imagining no more naps for 300 minutes. Pray for me!

The recipe I stumbled upon is simply THE BEST! It could not be easier and it renders slime that is perfectly slimy and stretchy. The secret ingredient? Contact solution! Yeah, the stuff for your eyes. 

Here’s what you need (and I betcha already have): 

  • Contact Solution 
  • Glue (4 oz bottle) 
  • Food Coloring (optional) 
  • Baking Soda (1/4 teaspoon)

1. Pour a bottle of glue into a bowl 

2. Mix in 1/4 tsp of baking soda

3. Add a few drops of food coloring if you want colored slime. Warning: be conservative with your coloring because the more you use, the more likely it may tint your hands during this process. 

4. Squirt several drops of contact solution in the mixture and stir. Add more of the solution, drop by drop, as you stir. Your substance will get stickier and thicker. 

5. With a bit of contact solution on each of your hands, squeeze and mold the mixture. Once you get started, it will become easy to pull the slime off of the bowl and form it together. Add more drops of solution until you achieve a consistency that you like. The slime will be really stretchy if you don’t go too overboard with the contact drops.

6. Boom, done. Place your slime in a jar or ziplock in between sensory play sessions. We loved this activity so much that we made 2 batches in about 10 minutes. Truly, the best slime I’ve ever orchestrated the making of :). Too bad R left one batch on the kitchen counter to dry up. 

Ok, 4 hours, 26 minutes until I can report back with a relieved and well-deserved “Aloha”. I’m off to coax R into zoning out to some good old quiet screen time. 


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