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A Foreboding Forecast and Weather App Stalking

I’m enduring a week of weather stalking and anxiety. I downloaded six new weather apps on my phone, and I’m checking forcasts more often than I’d care to admit. Why? Well, with K having just turned 1 and R about to turn 5, I planned a larger-than-life OUTDOOR Carnival. You know, a petting zoo with mini pony rides, large-scale rented carnival games, prizes galore, and a sweets table rivaling a candy shoppe. On a side note, T and I are in the process of seriously considering a business venture that would demand good weather for 2 specific weekends per year (more on that potential endeavor later on), so we’re currently testing our weather karma. 

About 2 weeks ago, when R was on Spring Break, we enjoyed summer-like temps, with our afternoons reaching into the 80s. That was really strange weather for march, even for our state, which is known for its extremes. During any season, morning temps are often 30-40 degrees cooler than afternoon highs, so we’re used to wardrobe shuffling throughout the day. But now, on this 4th day of April, we’re experiencing ice rain and “wintry mixes,” to borrow the words of my beloved and despised Weather Channel App. The big party is Sunday, with weather predicted to be ultra windy and cold. 

For the past month, I’ve spent most of my nursing hours on Pinterest and night upon night carnival-DIYing away. And while I know the kids will be thrilled with their candy, prizes and animals in most any climate, I’m holding out hope that my aesthetic vision will materialize. After all, we only invited R’s entire class (and a dozen others — much to T’s chagrin), and have grandparents flying in to surprise the kids. So, can you just send over some pleasant climate vibes? Thanks!! I’ll post some of my party set-ups and decor later in the week 🎉. 


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