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Signs and Decor: Carnival-Themed Party Prep

DIY carnival signs and decor -- birthday Board birthday partyHey there, dolls and guys!

I decided to photo-blog a few of my in-process chalkboard signs and themed displays for the carnival birthday corral this weekend. Guess I’m trying to stay positive and not fret the forecast! 

But first, here’s what’s doing in chez R and K (scroll down if you’re here strictly for signage). We subjected K to her 12-month shots yesterday. She was relatively unfazed and promptly continued to act wild as ever. Within minutes of arriving home post-apt, she was crawling inside the lego box to locate fun throwables and soon after found glee in tossing/opening every single DVD we own. I still anticipated a rough, potentially feverish night, but as the comedic universe would have it, K slept soundly through most of the night (this is not normal behavior) and R was up for long periods with a wretched cough and general discomfort. Ugh! Can we just make it through the upcoming festive weekend smoothly? Please.

So, I’ve got both girls home with me today, driving me a little bonkers as I force R&R upon them. Figured it was a good time to snapshot the celebratory projects around the house and start mentally organizing for the 40+ guests we’ll welcome in a few days. Even though the forecast looks dicey, the party is sort of predicated on good weather (we booked a petting zoo and several outdoor carny games), so I’m trusting that each of these displays will be outside, glimmering underneath a smiling sun.

Mini chalkboards, chalkboard paint and chalkboard bistro markers have proved the most valuable players in my month of simple party projects.

We’ve got the entryway easel chalkboard:
And K’s 1st birthday sign:

the reverse side bares R’s 1st birthday sign from 4 years ago 😂

And very beginnings of our sweets table, equipped with another chalkboard sign and soon to be overflowing with candy, cotton candy cones, popcorn bags, more lollipops and corn dogs:
The lemonade sign (to be outside alongside huge and colorful mason jar dispensers): 

A monogram photo collage for each bday girl (to be hung on a porch post): Monogram photo collage

And prizes! Though I’m still scratching my head, trying to figure out how best to dole out prizes to excited (greedy?) preschoolers. Do I trust them to take an appropriate amount? Employ a ticket system? Enlist the help of a 10-year-old attendant? 

We’ll also do a photo booth with props, a backdrop and take-away clown noses: 

I’ll be sharing a companion post in a few days, hopefully documenting a gloriously calm and sunny party with adorable kiddos enjoying animals, sweets and outdoor games.


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