SAHM: an acronym that now defines me

The acronym "SAHM" seems omnipresent nowadays. It's more common to use this derivative than its parent term, its backronym if you will, "stay-at-home-mom." But back in 2012, when I was carrying princess #1, I had no earthly idea what those 4 letters stood for. I would frequently lurk the Babycenter boards, anxious and excited about… Continue reading SAHM: an acronym that now defines me

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Who doesn’t love a grab bag?

A few weeks ago at Michael's Arts & Crafts (I've been spending waaay to much time there since it's so close to R's school), I spied $2 blind bags filled with random goodies from the store. I think they were transitioning from summer to fall and retiring a few collections (Alphabet Soup, for example). Since… Continue reading Who doesn’t love a grab bag?

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DIY confetti tray (because I’m so ***😔**😩 tired)

I'll get to the confetti thing in a sec, but I have to include a preamble that sums up my day. Feel free to scroll on down if you're not in the mood for self-indulgent sleep-writing. This whole transition from mommy of one to mommy of two has been, more than anything else (except an… Continue reading DIY confetti tray (because I’m so ***😔**😩 tired)

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Autumn Crafts (It’s Fall now, right?)

Our daytime highs are still hitting 80+ degrees, but the calendar says it's Fall (and so do all consumer hotspots teeming with pumpkin aromas and expensive cotton masked as spiderwebs). I'm a sucker for everything in Target's dollar spot and I get pretty excited when there's a new array of seasonally appropriate cheapies. So when… Continue reading Autumn Crafts (It’s Fall now, right?)

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Disney on Ice Surprise (and Review)

So, we gifted miss R with a surprise outing to see Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure. Her behavior has, delightfully, been on the upswing since the 4-nager sh*t storm she produced a couple weeks ago. Since we like to be fun parents and are getting super pumped for our winter Disney World extravaganza, we… Continue reading Disney on Ice Surprise (and Review)