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Translucent Twist Up (Stained Glass Painting for Kids)

You guys!! I'm pretty obsessed with the project I'm about to share with you. A couple of months back, I interviewed Steve Palmer, a psychologist-painter, for a featured artist column in a newspaper (you can read that article here). I was quite drawn to his artistic process and glass paintings, which he refers to as "Liquid… Continue reading Translucent Twist Up (Stained Glass Painting for Kids)

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Um, excuse me, isn’t this MY home?!

What just happened?! I had quite a startling afternoon yesterday, and one that I'm still trying to make sense of. All was business as usual in the morning -- in fact it was extra cute banality because of school picture day, for which R and baby K glammed up and smiled for the cameras. After… Continue reading Um, excuse me, isn’t this MY home?!

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PAPER PLATE AQUARIUM: Come Swim Under the Sea with Me!

Miss R's kinder class is learning all about oceans this month, so I volunteered to come in and lead an ocean-themed art project. This one fit the bill perfectly, and the kids loved it! It worked well for a group project, though I was grateful that the teacher was there to help since the activity… Continue reading PAPER PLATE AQUARIUM: Come Swim Under the Sea with Me!

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 A project from my nesting days of not so long ago…

Just about one year ago, when I was very pregnant, done with work, and trying to soak in my morning alone time with R off at pre-school, I fell under the spell of the nesting fairy. To be clear, I was feeling pretty awful most of the time due to chronic pain, a few unnecessary… Continue reading  A project from my nesting days of not so long ago…


Musings from a Mama-of-1-turned-Mama-of-2

For many months before that fateful Easter Sunday when K slipped and slid her way into this world, I listened closely to the jabber of other mamas-of-two. I'd jot down mental notes about the ways in which mothering #2 would be different than mothering #1. I heard lots of familiar tidbits -- you'll be less… Continue reading Musings from a Mama-of-1-turned-Mama-of-2


Stuck on the Sunny Side

With two weeks of "vacation" (here quoted due to my energizer princesses that seem to demand attention even when we're supposed to be sunning and resting) under my belt (read leggings/rompers), I have lots to write about. Our Disney World extravaganza, our golf cart journeys and alligator sightings, our near-blissful playtime in the sand and surf of… Continue reading Stuck on the Sunny Side

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Doughing It Holiday Style My last post, about holiday craft ideas for preschoolers, encouraged me to continue on with our Christm-artsy ways. R holds a deep yet giddy love for any kind of dough (I'm pretty sure she shares this affection with most 4-year-olds), and we hadn't yet gotten our hands sticky with salty goo this year. She wanted to… Continue reading Doughing It Holiday Style

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Merry Christmukkah! 

This morning on our (late and somewhat frenzied) drive to school, we had this conversation: R: “We celebrate both Christmas and Chanukkah because we’re Jewiss.”  Me: “That’s exactly right, honey.”  R: “If we weren’t Jewiss we’d just celebrate Chanukkah.”  Me: “No honey, it’s because we’re Jewish that we celebrate Chanukkah. If you’re not Jewish, you… Continue reading Merry Christmukkah! 

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One Mom’s Post-Election Reflection

There are a range of tones ringing loudly on my social media feeds today — from anger and rage to empowerment and frenzy. Like many others, my head is still spinning and it seems like each successive moment brings with it a new thought (whether revelatory, disappointing, shocking or comforting). Look, I generally don't engage… Continue reading One Mom’s Post-Election Reflection


A Wedding and an Anniversary (two very different pictures)

Yesterday was my 6-year wedding anniversary. We got married on 10-10-10, on a gorgeous autumn Sunday in Woodstock, NY. Our ceremony was outdoors, overlooking the woods behind the house where T spent his childhood. It was one of those magical climates, warm and sunny for October -- especially since the days immediately preceding were wet,… Continue reading A Wedding and an Anniversary (two very different pictures)