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Kaleidoscopic Shaving Cream Painting

This project involves multi-sensory fun and renders gloriously dynamic paintings. Really, the resulting imagery -- MADE BY A KID -- recalls the best Abstract Expressionism. It reminds us of gazing through a kaleidoscope lens.

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Explosive Heart Art: Fizzy Painting 

Yesterday was Sunday, the day of 'murca's venerated Super Bowl. We partook in the pageantry by attending a party at a dear friend's house, where we all ate lots of yummies and I glanced up at the enormous television for about 2 whole minutes. Prior to the gathering, we had a quiet Sunday with nothing… Continue reading Explosive Heart Art: Fizzy Painting 

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 A project from my nesting days of not so long ago…

Just about one year ago, when I was very pregnant, done with work, and trying to soak in my morning alone time with R off at pre-school, I fell under the spell of the nesting fairy. To be clear, I was feeling pretty awful most of the time due to chronic pain, a few unnecessary… Continue reading  A project from my nesting days of not so long ago…

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Doughing It Holiday Style My last post, about holiday craft ideas for preschoolers, encouraged me to continue on with our Christm-artsy ways. R holds a deep yet giddy love for any kind of dough (I'm pretty sure she shares this affection with most 4-year-olds), and we hadn't yet gotten our hands sticky with salty goo this year. She wanted to… Continue reading Doughing It Holiday Style

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Merry Christmukkah! 

This morning on our (late and somewhat frenzied) drive to school, we had this conversation: R: “We celebrate both Christmas and Chanukkah because we’re Jewiss.”  Me: “That’s exactly right, honey.”  R: “If we weren’t Jewiss we’d just celebrate Chanukkah.”  Me: “No honey, it’s because we’re Jewish that we celebrate Chanukkah. If you’re not Jewish, you… Continue reading Merry Christmukkah! 

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DIY Edible Play Dough with Marshmallows

​Miss R loves all things clay and all things sweet, so this activity was an obvious hit. We've tried lots of play dough and slime recipes and this dough was in between the two materials. The marshmallows lent a sort of fondant quality to the dough -- which hardened after a few hours, so keep… Continue reading DIY Edible Play Dough with Marshmallows

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DIY confetti tray (because I’m so ***😔**😩 tired)

I'll get to the confetti thing in a sec, but I have to include a preamble that sums up my day. Feel free to scroll on down if you're not in the mood for self-indulgent sleep-writing. This whole transition from mommy of one to mommy of two has been, more than anything else (except an… Continue reading DIY confetti tray (because I’m so ***😔**😩 tired)

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Autumn Crafts (It’s Fall now, right?)

Our daytime highs are still hitting 80+ degrees, but the calendar says it's Fall (and so do all consumer hotspots teeming with pumpkin aromas and expensive cotton masked as spiderwebs). I'm a sucker for everything in Target's dollar spot and I get pretty excited when there's a new array of seasonally appropriate cheapies. So when… Continue reading Autumn Crafts (It’s Fall now, right?)