Oh (Sick) Baby

Oh man, remember my Passover Interrupted post, which I typed while carrying/wearing a sick and disconsolate baby around the house, trying anything and everything to appease her? I'm there again -- this time sitting outside, on my porch, rocking K back and forth in the hammock swing. She finally just closed her eyes and ceased… Continue reading Oh (Sick) Baby

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When you’re sick AND you’re a mom

The sick mommy. To explain my lack of posts in the past week or so, look to the title of this one šŸ¤§. Tonight will mark my one-week cold-iversary of being a sick mommy. I once read that colds can have a ten-day lifespan, so I'm optimistically thinking that mine is about to see its… Continue reading When you’re sick AND you’re a mom

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A Day of Cloudy Heads and 3-Ingredient Fluff Slime

Scroll down for sliminess, because I first need to exhale. Today was a day! Just one of those days where I felt like my head was clouded and I found everything annoying -- like stomach tightening, blood boiling annoying. I'm usually an upbeat, fast-paced and positive person, so my tolerance for my own orneriness is… Continue reading A Day of Cloudy Heads and 3-Ingredient Fluff Slime


An inaugural call to poison controlĀ 

I made it through exactly five years of parenting without one call to poison control. Bare in mind that my half decade of abstinence has no correlation to the amount of times my children have been in contact with potentially perilous substances -- I guess I just always intervened quickly enough and generally hate making… Continue reading An inaugural call to poison controlĀ 

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A Carnival Corral Birthday Party

With a sick kiddo (who just swapped screams for sleep) beside me, I feel a bit paralyzed -- scared to get up without waking my tiny but mighty monster. Sooo, it's a pretty excellent time to reminisce about our weekend festivities. I'm pleased to report that we threw an awesome birthday party. The weather was… Continue reading A Carnival Corral Birthday Party

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Signs and Decor: Carnival-Themed Party Prep

Hey there, dolls and guys! I decided to photo-blog a few of my in-process chalkboard signs and themed displays for the carnival birthday corral this weekend. Guess I'm trying to stay positive and not fret the forecast!Ā  But first, here's what's doing in chez R and K (scroll down if you're here strictly for signage).… Continue reading Signs and Decor: Carnival-Themed Party Prep

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A Foreboding Forecast and Weather App Stalking

I'm enduring a week of weather stalking and anxiety. I downloaded six new weather apps on my phone, and I'm checking forcasts more often than I'd care to admit. Why? Well, with K having just turned 1 and R about to turn 5, I planned a larger-than-life OUTDOOR Carnival. You know, a petting zoo with… Continue reading A Foreboding Forecast and Weather App Stalking

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Slip N’ Slime: No Borax Slime Recipe

Scroll down just a bit for some EVER-GREEN and slimy content because I will first be breaking a cardinal blogging rule. Yep, I'm going to discuss my ephemeral present before sharing this awesome and always relevant recipe.  This post is being composed as I fly over the crystal blue waters of the majestic Pacific. We just waved… Continue reading Slip N’ Slime: No Borax Slime Recipe

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Explosive Heart Art: Fizzy PaintingĀ 

Yesterday was Sunday, the day of 'murca's venerated Super Bowl. We partook in the pageantry by attending a party at a dear friend's house, where we all ate lots of yummies and I glanced up at the enormous television for about 2 whole minutes. Prior to the gathering, we had a quiet Sunday with nothing… Continue reading Explosive Heart Art: Fizzy PaintingĀ